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PASIRTIMBUL ISLE - A bit further up north from the Meti island, there is a tiny island called \"Pasir timbul\" (floating sand)
KAPASETI - Accroding to the local people, Kapaseti is a kind of a war helmet. It was a gift from the Sultan of Ternate to the King of Momole.
MAKETE AND NGIDIHO LAKE - Besides large Danau Duma-Galela itself, the Galela area also has two smaller lakes called Makete and Ngidiho.
KOKOGURU MEDE WATERFALL - This small waterfall surrounded by unique pattern of rocks is found in the forests of Mede.
AIR NUSANTARA MONUMENT - Completed in April 2012, the Air Nusantara Monument, whose shape was inspired by cloves and coconut shells, is a symbol of unity among the 1696 ethnic groups of Indonesia.
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