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Geographically the regency of North Halmahera, with its capital Tobelo, is located in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago, on the northernmost boundary of the Maluku region, long known as history's fabled Spice Islands.

Administratively part of the province of North Maluku, it is centred on the northern part of Halmahera Island and includes numerous smaller islands.

This regency extent for about 22.507,32 Km2 which is consist of 17.555,71 Km2 (78%) marine territory and 4.951,61 Km2 (22%) land.

The population figures for North Halmahera Regency as of the year 2012 stood at 179.566.

Some 75% of the population depend on farming or fishing for their livelihood. About 90% of them belong to one of the native ethnic groups of the region: Tobelorese, Galelarese, Lolodarese, Kaonese, Pagu and Modole. The remaining 10% are immigrants, especially from Java, Sulawesi and other parts of North Maluku notably Makian Island.